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SCLA Minutes from San Antonio 2007

February 17, 2007

San Antonio, TX

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Doyle after greeting everyone.

The minutes of the October, 2006 meeting were read by Vicki Guzman, taking Ouijan Vinson's place, who was unable to attend the meeting.  After the minutes were read, Jessie Rierson made a motion to approve minutes as read.  Sean price seconded motion, minutes approved.

For everyone's information, Julia Konopka and Larry carrier are both in the hospital.   Cards can be sent to their homes.

Treasures report:  Bob Lyons reported that Ft. worth sale was  the second best sale in several;  years.  one scholarship is usually awarded each year but this year 2 applicants were so close, the board awarded two.  Neil Graham sent $500.00 to the Jim graham scholarship fund.  Bob Lyons stated that a full treasurers report can be sent to anyone requesting it.

Membership:  Karen Conyngham stated that there are 139 adult members and 43 youth members.  Animal ids are voluntary at this time but it is highly recommended to id your llamas.  Contact your own legislator in reference to this matter.  Jim Doyle commented that some insurance companies may not cover llamas under liability.  check with your insurance agent.

Nominating Committee:  The nominating committee is Dan Johnson, Chuk Guzman, and Jessie Rierson, chairperson. Elections will be this summer.  Karen Conyngham will be sending out ballots.  Jessie asked that if anyone wants to nominate someone, contact a committee member.  Positions up for election are president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, area 2 director and area 4 director.

Property Committee:  Jessie Rierson said racks have been added in the SCLA trailer for better organization.  The PA system & old TV have been thrown away since they didn't work anymore.  Ideas are still needed for a new, compact SCLA display. 

Fundraising:  Brian Bennick needs some ideas for fundraising.  Some members think maybe we should change our SCLA logo.  Everyone can think about it.

Ft. Worth Sale:  Jim Doyle informed everyone that the sale this year was fantastic, especially with the weather.  There was plenty of help in the office, thanks to all the volunteers.  There were 48 lots total.  Everyone was worried about sales & customers with the weather, but netted $12,000.  High bidder was Malcolm & Carolyn Tallmon.  There were 5 known partnerships bidding.  Thoughts are leaning toward only allowing 4 males in the sale next year.  The 20th anniversary is coming up next year.  It is the longest running llama sale.  A big thanks goes out to the Sales Committee.  The show was also a good show with classes of decent size. 

Youth:  Christie Stewart stated that there were 28 youth in the San Antonio show.  We need to excite kids to come to the youth shows.  Christie has youth sponsorship banners.  See her to collect. 

Library:  Barbara Welch noted that there are a vast array of books & tapes.  There is also a teeth cutter for the llamas front teeth available.  Christie Stewart said she has used them & teeth are smooth after words.  Contact Barbara to use the teeth cutters & books, etc.

Conference Committee:  No Report.  Bill Feick stated that a new chairperson is needed.  Helen doesn't want to do another conference as they can be a lot of work.  Jim Doyle encouraged anyone to have a day clinic at their ranch.  Joan Lyons may have a suri fiber seminar at her place this coming fall.  She showed everyone a felt hat made from llama wool.  Dan Johnson asked why there wasn't a walking fiber class in San Angelo this year.  Several people commented that there were not enough entries last year & it is an extra expense to have a fiber judge.  Jim Doyle said superintendents of shows need to go to show management to see if fiber classes can be added.  A fiber judge can cost about $800.  Dan Johnson thinks we should start small like a walking fiber class. 

Conroe Show:  Brian Bennick is getting ready for the show.  It's expensive to put on these shows that aren't connected with a livestock show.  Last year he had to put in his own money to complete the show.  Show judge this year is Delores Gardner. 

Scholarship:  Bev Johnson has agreed to be on the committee which has members: Sharon Carrier & Sandra Payne as chairperson.

The By-Laws are being worked on by Ken Fenley & Bev Johnson. 

Website:  No report.  A big thanks to Sally Bacus for all her hard work.

Rochelle Johnson is director of the West Texas State Fair.  She is a member of SCLA. 

Houston Show:  Sally & Boyce Stalter are superintendents this year, but are retiring.  Jim Carpenter will take over. 

Jim Doyle said that it was nice to see people at the shows.  The annual SCLA meeting will be in Dallas with additional meetings in San Antonio or San Angelo. 

With no other business to conduct, Bob Lyons moved to close the meeting.  Joan Lyons seconded the motion.  Meeting was closed. 

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