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SCLA Minutes - San Angelo 2006

San Angelo
Friday, February 24, 2006

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Vice-President Jessie Rierson

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the minutes from the meeting in Dallas were unavailable.

Treasurer’s report was approved as read

Committee Reports-

Youth – Christie was running late, so Kristen Rierson gave a report on the SCLA Youth Championship Show held 2/19/2006 in San Antonio. Christie gave out prizes to each exhibitor as they left the ring. They had a pizza party at lunch. Kristen stated that this was the best youth show that she has attended. The youth and the parents had a great time. A Raffle and Silent Auction was held to raise money for the youth program. Items were donated by individuals and ranches. A total of $1607 was raised. Christie made it in time to finish the report. She stated that this was the 1st year that premiums were awarded at this show. She said how excited the kids were to get the premiums. She is hoping to increase next year. Christie also stated that she still had some insulated mugs and t-shirts available for sale.

Nominating - Jessie gave this report. Region 3 Youth Director’s term expires this year. We will need to elect a new Region Director. There are two candidates for the ballots: Joe Davis of Whisky Flats and Kristi Schultze of San Angelo. Kristen spoke briefly on Joe Davis and Dimmie Mason spoke on Kristi. There was a question of the region areas, so Karen Conynigham and Jessie pulled the SCLA book and read the area codes that are in each region. Kristen moved that nomination cease, Sharon Carrier 2nd.

Property - Jessie spoke on the availability of the SCLA Obstacle Trailer. He said that it was used in several shows this spring. The current sponsor ads expire this year in September. The sponsors will be receiving notice and they have the 1st chance to renew. The renewal fee is $75. If the current sponsors do not renew their ad, then new ranches will be able to sponsor. The sponsor fee for a new ad will be $200.

Conference: Bill Feick advised that Helen said that she would not be having another conference. He did say that they would be having their playday in Wimberley on April 22, 2006.

There were no other committee members present.

There was no old business.

New Business:

1) Dan Johnson discussed the need to amend the SCLA bylaws to allow for a youth committee. He stated that Christie Stewart should be the committee chair and be able to pick her committee members. Christie would also work with the Region Directors.

Dan presented the motion. Carol Ann Talmon 2nd the motion Motion passe

2) Dan & Christie both discussed the lack of attendance of the SCLA Officers and Board Members at events and meetings. Many other members also expressed the same feelings. The members agreed that there are only two SCLA meetings held per year. They stated that if you are an elected official for an organization, then you should support the organization. There was only 1 Officer, 2 Region Directors and the Director-At- Large at the SCLA Youth Championship Show. There was the same number represented at this meeting. It was mentioned that if the Officers do not support SCLA, then how can we expect to gain support from members. The members agreed that the SCLA Officers and Region Directors should be at the 2 meetings. They suggested that this may need to be a requirement stated during the next officer elections.

3) Sharon Carrier discussed the issues regarding the Regional and National Shows. She is superintendent of both shows this year. This year the Regional Show will be held in Duncan, OK. ( Oct. 14 & 15th). Nationals will be held in Lincoln, Ne ( Nov 9-12th). There is major discussion on the dates for the Regional and National Shows. The Grand National Committee has lost 4 of the major sponsors of the show. They are not going to sponsor due to the fact that they have to travel over the mountains to get to Lincoln. The GN committee is wanting to move regionals up into September and then have Nationals in October. This will cause havoc in the Southern States. It is too hot to travel for long distances in Sept. because of the heat. She has suggested that all members send a letter of concern to the ALSA BOD and the Grand National Committee. Karen C has sent an email out with all of the information.

4) Carolyn Myers then brought up about possibly having the Grand Nationals in Fort Worth. She stated that there are several breeders that would be excited about the show in Forth Worth. Concern was then addressed about having enough volunteers to help with the Show. Dan Johnson then asked if a letter could be sent to the SCLA members to see if there is any interest. in exploring the possibility of having the show in Forth Worth (or somewhere else in the region)If we have a positive response, then we can forward a letter of interest to the Grand National Committee.

This item will need to be discussed with the BOD.

5) Kristen opened discussion about the youth budget. Christie was told two different amounts for the total budgeted. She was told one time that the budget amount was $2500 and one time that the budget amount was $3500. The budget amount needs to be clarified. Also, she would like to increase the amount of premiums awarded and the quality of prizes awarded at the Youth Championship Show. Discussion was held about many possibilities.

Dimmie Mason presented a motion to increase the youth budget (no matter the present amount) by $1000. Bill Feick 2nd the Motion. The motion passed.

6) Dan Johnson discussed the Raffle money and its allocation. He stated that the money from the raffle should go in the general fund and be used when the Youth Committee goes over budget. There was discussion about this item. The members were concerned about their money that they send to the youth not being used for youth. After discussion, an agreement was made that the money would go into the general fund; however, it should be labeled on the treasury report as “youth funds”.

7) Based on all of the prior discussion regarding the youth budget, the allocation of the youth funds and other SCLA budgeted items, the members turned towards discussing a “possible budget committee”. Carol Ann talked about some history of the organization’s budget and expenditures. Members agreed that we should have a budget committee. Jessie and Karen once again reviewed the bylaws.

Carol Ann presented the motion to establish a budget committee in order to supply information to the treasurer in order to establish the new budget. Sharon 2nd the motion. The motion passed.

8) Carol Ann then presented the motion to appoint Dan Johnson as the Chairman of the budget committee. The chairman is able to choose the members for his committee. Sharon 2nd the motion. The motion passed.

9) There was discussion about several cases where the members were not informed on the results of issues presented to the BOD. Discussion was presented about placing the results of the BOD meetings and/or discussion on the SCLA website.

Joe Davis presented the motion to place the minutes of all SCLA meetings and BOD meetings and/or discussions on the SCLA website. Kristen 2nd the motion. The motion passed.

Barbara Welch made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Sharon 2nd the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.                                 SCLA is a 501(c)(5) Non-Profit Organization                     Web Designer: Sharon Bramblett
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