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SEPTEMBER 28, 2008

The annual meeting of the South Central Llama Association was held at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, Texas on September 28, 2008.

Jesse Rierson called the meeting to order and established a quorum.  Ouijan Vinson read the minutes of the meeting held in San Antonio February 15, 2008.  The minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s report – Jim Doyle gave the Treasurer’s report.  Income from the SCLA sale in Fort Worth was $8100.  Total income for 2007 was $19,470 and expenses were $10,247.  In 2007 in September, our bank balance was $7,839 and money market was $60,046.  In 2008 in September, our bank balance was $3,089 and the money market was $67,977 for a total of $71,067.  If you have any questions please contact Bob Lyons.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

State Fair - Jim thanked Bob, Marci and Terri for a great show in Dallas.  He asked that everyone thank every superintendent at each show.  Marci thanked all volunteers and complimented the State Fair for all their help.  Jim said SCLA will be sending a thank you note to the State Fair.

Region Directors - Jesse introduced the new Region Directors – Region 1- Rick Matthiesen, and Region 3 -Terri Theriault.

Membership is up with 149 adults and 45 youth.

Region Qualifiers are set:
  • Region 1 Nov 15 in Wimberley
  • Region 2 Nov 8 at Sharon Carrier’s
  • Region 3 Nov 1 in Cisco
  • Region 4 Dec 6 at Figment Ranch

Playday - There is a playday Dec 13 in Granbury.  There is a new arena and they need donations of cakes and cookies.

Youth Show – Sharon Carrier said donations were needed for the youth show for the raffle and auction items.  There will be a new area in San Antonio that will be much better.  The show is Feb 20 and 21, with the youth championship Feb 22.  Please talk up the San Antonio show.  If there are fewer entries they reduce their support.  Last year there were 175 entries and they need 200 entries.

Scholarships- Mary Nell asked everyone to submit names for next year’s Jim Graham scholarship.

Raffle -  Bill Feick is selling raffle tickets for the pasture vac – worth $3000.  All proceeds go to SCLA as the pasture vac was donated.  Bill can testify to how well it works!  Tickets are $5 each.  You can see a picture of it on p.23 of American Livestock magazine.

Trailer -   There are 2 spaces available on the SCLA trailer.  A first time ad is $200.  Renewal fees are $75 and are now due.  Please pay them!  SCLA dues must be current to have an ad.  If annual SCLA dues are not paid by Jan 31, 2009, the ad will be removed from the trailer.

Volunteers are needed at every show.  Please do something in your spare time!

SCLA Sale – Please submit your entries for the 2009 sale in Fort Worth. They also need advertising.  Please submit an ad.  The catalog and entry are online.   There are many out of state entries already, and it will be another good sale.  This is the main SCLA fund raiser for the year.  LlamaLink will do the catalog again and Monica will help you with graphics for a small fee.   If you have any questions please call Steve Berry.

Fort Worth Show – There is a schedule change on Saturday, and the show must conclude no later than 4PM, so 2 hours must be cut.  Therefore adult showmanship will be on Friday, and the Youth showmanship will be combined.  THERE WILL BE NO WALK THRUS FOR OPEN OBSTACLE (ADULTS).  The obstacle course layout will be available at check in so you will have two days for review.  Judy Mosier is the judge.


Pam Jensen is the judge in San Antonio.

Show superintendents need to send requests for show sponsorships to Bob Lyons by Dec 1.

A proposal was made to purchase more obstacles, as they are the same at each show.  Terri spent about $500 on new obstacles for the State Fair.  Jim Doyle made a motion to review the receipts and determine which obstacles would be purchased by SCLA for the trailer.  Motion carried.  Dan Johnson said he would make up the difference.

Jim asked people to not consider the judge in their decision to attend a show.  “It is you and your animal so come and have fun!”

A question was asked about the new (old) wood panels at the State Fair this year.  The children cannot see the animals, and the circulation is poor so it is too hot.  Jim explained the year before some crias rolled out from under the horse panels and they were difficult to open.

Jim encouraged more participation in the Oklahoma shows – they are fun!

A suggestion was made to ask Karen Conyngham to send emails to everyone with the shows and entry deadlines.

Shows will not be here if we do not support them!

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ouijan Vinson
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