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From: The National Lama Intervention & Rescue Coordination Council

IRC Council Seeks Rescue Contacts and Information

The subject of lama rescue is becoming increasingly important and cannot be ignored. More and more llama and alpaca organizations are finding themselves dealing with the issue even if only at a discussion level. The National Lama Intervention & Rescue Coordination Council (IRC Council) is intended to be a forum within the camelid community for discussion of the rescue issue. It is not intended to be a governing body nor to interfere with or direct rescue efforts on a local basis. Its purpose is "to provide an efficient, inclusive system of coordinating lama rescue efforts nationwide in order to share and maximize the use of resources while providing a safety net for lamas in need". The IRC Council was formed at Camelid Community a few years ago and has been working on its structure since then.

As part of its efforts to network and communicate on the subject of rescue, the IRC Council is attempting to compile a list of organizations and individuals involved with rescue and intervention at any level. This may involve willingness to provide transportation, to provide foster or adoptive homes, or perhaps to assist with shearing or vaccinating animals in need. Please send contact information, including e-mail address and phone number, along with type of assistance willing to provide, to: The IRC Council will be providing a status report at this year's Camelid Community in Kansas City August 4-6.

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