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Camelid Community

Camelid Communitiy logoWhat is Camelid Community?

Background and History (quoted from the CC meeting report 2008 below)

Camelid Community is the only national forum that offers the opportunity for dialog among representatives of national, regional and local camelid organizations as well as interested individuals and owners, providing a unique opportunity for an assessment of the “state of the union” of the camelid world. In the 1990s, the International Llama Association (now defunct) sponsored an annual Llama Assembly, the last of which was held in Colorado Springs in 1997. Representatives of a number of llama and alpaca organizations got together to host Llama & Alpaca Symposium in Kansas City in 1998, a highly successful and representative event. No group or combination of groups sponsored a similar national gathering in 1999. Feeling a need to see such a gathering held on an annual basis, several members of the Llama Association of North America tried getting it going again by hosting a Lama Community in 2000 in Kansas City. Though numbers were few at first, attendance grew as hosting and facilitating rotated among various groups and individuals. At the 2004 event the group voted to change the name to Camelid Community to better reflect the background and interest of attendees. Unlike most conferences, Camelid Community’s agenda is set by participants, and those unable to attend also are encouraged to submit proposed agenda items. Camelid Community is a “move forward and get things accomplished” group and not simply a weekend gathering to wring hands and re-hash old problems.

Karen Conyngham, membership chair of the SCLA, attends the annual CC meeting as an individual in an informal capacity. She updates the gathering about anything of interest from the United States Department of Agriculture or United States Animal Health Association over the previous 12 months. Camelid Community holds its annual meeting in Kansas City, MO the first weekend in August.

Some Camelid Community produced documents include:   

The Basics of Alpaca & Llama Care - trifold pdf handout that you may print and distribute
Llama and Alpaca Fact Sheet: What’s the Difference Between Llamas and Alpacas?
CC meeting report 2008
CC meeting report 2009
Advantages of Using Press Releases to Gain Attention
Sample Press Release
Camelid Community Poster

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